Welcome to your Elastic Online Training Subscription

Welcome to your Elastic Online Training Subscription

The Elastic training team is here to assist you with your Online Training Annual Subscription and help you learn anything and everything about our product stack.

Your training subscription is associated with your name and company email address. It is designed to give you access to all of Elastic’s online courses including currently available and future courses over the next year. You may receive updates periodically when new training courses become available as part of your subscription.

For a full description of our course offerings and the order in which training shall be taken please visit our website. If a course has reached maximum capacity and you wish to enroll please reach out to training@elastic.co as your seat is warranty by notifying us 10 business days prior to the start of the course. Enrollment for all courses closes 2 days prior to the start of a course.

Note: Your subscription is not designed to be shared or transferable, except in the case that an employee departs, then you may transfer that subscription to a replacement employee. Please email verification of this change.

Now that you have access to Elastic's learning management system you may enroll in any virtual classroom training and on-demand training course at your own learning pace.

The instructions below will guide you to set up your account and register for training. If you encounter any problems or have any other questions, do not hesitate to reach out.

Kind Regards and Happy Learning!

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Table of Contents

1. Login to Elastic’s Learning Portal


Open a browser to training.elastic.co/login.html.

Your credentials are your email address in which this email has reached you. You should have received a “reset password” email notification from our learning management system in order to access your learning portal. Please create a new password at this time.


2. The Learner Dashboard


Select by clicking on “My Account” on the right corner to go to the learner dashboard.


3. Email Verification


Upon entering the training portal, the learner dashboard will display an email verification request. Please verify your email address at this time to confirm your account. If you had an account on our learning management system you may skip this step.

Note: You must do this step in order for the system to recognize your account so your seats are automatically discounted when enrolling for a course.


4. Updating Your Password


If you wish to update your password at any time you may select the grey arrow pointing down on the right-hand side next to your picture and select from the drop-down menu Settings > Login > Update Password.



Note: Do not create a new account with a new email address as your subscription is set up with your company email address and only you will be able to register for training through the training portal.

5. Catalog & Course Selection


Your subscription catalog is available under your learner dashboard on the top menu “Catalog”.

For a full description of our course offerings and the order in which training shall be taken please visit our website. Courses under your subscription will display “Included In Your Subscription”.

On-demand courses are available for 90 days. Once you register we are happy to extend the time up to a year for you to consume these training but only once you are registered can we extend this date.

Please reach out to training@elastic.co if you wish to extend the length of time to consume your on-demand training courses, provide your company name and use the Subject: Online Subscription Customer On-Demand Extension.


6. Registering for Training


Virtual classroom training is available in our Professional subscription, and is typically offered over 4 consecutive days, for 4-hour brackets, in timezones around the world. As a Professional subscriber, you may select and register for a public virtual training course through your catalog page inside your learner dashboard via the Elastic training portal at training.elastic.co. All courses available under your subscription will display "Included in your Subscription" as well.


If for any reason you select a course not under your subscription during the checkout process the value of your order will not display a $0.00 value amount. All your training courses will be free of charge under your subscription and during the registration and check out process the system will automatically display your “Subscription” discount.



7. Enrollment Confirmation


Once you are enrolled in a course this will be displayed on your learner dashboard under “Current”. You will receive an order and registration email confirmation which will also be available on your learner dashboard “Inbox”.

72 hours prior to the start of course, you will receive an email containing details on how to access the content for the course and the link to join the virtual classroom. These will also be available and displayed on the learner dashboard in each course detail page.

Upon completion of a training course the course detail page and materials will be available under “Completed” and will be available for download for two months. This may be extended as well.


A certificate of completion will also be sent immediately upon completion of a training course. A copy of all email notifications can be found in your learner dashboard Inbox.

Note: Your enrollment confirmation notification email will state no payment is required for any of your orders and Customers with an Online Elastic Training Subscription will not receive an invoice, please use this as a confirmation of your enrollment.