Sentiment Analysis and Brand Monitoring

Sentiment Analysis and Brand Monitoring


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Thanks to machine learning, anomaly detection has never been easier. This course will show you how to leverage the machine learning capabilities of the Elastic Stack to find anomalous data.
Note: This course is a module of the Data Science specialization.


Using Twitter data in a series of labs, you will learn to ingest and enrich data via an external API, and then analyze social network data with the Elastic Stack. Then, using machine learning, you will learn how to quickly detect anomalous behavior, such as spam tweets. After completing this course, you will be able to start using machine learning in your Elasticsearch clusters.

Topics Covered

  • Solving Problems with Machine Learning
  • Ingesting Twitter Data
  • Sentiment Analysis with Python and Logstash
  • Monitoring APIs with Kibana
  • Anomaly Detection with Machine Learning
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2-3 hours


Data Scientists, Data Architects, Data Engineers





  • Stable internet connection
  • Mac, Linux, or Windows
  • Latest version of Chrome or Firefox (other browsers not supported)
  • Disable any ad blockers and restart your browser before class

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