Training Partner Program

Training Partner Program

Training is Our Core Competency

ACME Training Partner Program is designed for open source software companies looking for steady revenue stream from training without the overhead and headaches of managing it.

We can help with your training operations. There are typically six major components to a successful public training class:

  • Lead Generation
    Marketing the course, both online and offline. Creating the general awareness for the training course and directing the leads to the course registration page.
  • Lead Conversion
    Following up with the leads to answer any questions, comments and concerns they may have in order to register.
  • Registrations & Support
    Taking the order, processing the payments and invoicing. Doing all pre-class support and post-class followups and survey reporting.
  • Classroom
    Proving physical space for the training with all the hardware and software needed for the class. Proving food and other amenities for the students in order for them to have the top-notch learning experience.
  • Courseware
    Training materials for each student. Includes printed books, labs, instructors copies, additional text books and any special software needed for the class.
  • Instructor
    Proving the instructor. Arranging the travel and lodging for the instructor and making sure instructor has all the necessary information to deliver a stellar class to this particular audience.

Typically, you would provide the leads - you own the ecosystem for your technology. We take care of converting the leads into customers. We handle registrations and support. We provide physical classroom at our training center in San Francisco. Typically, you would create your own courseware but we can help. And initially the instructor may be one of your very own developers. We can provide the instructor as well.

So if this sounds interesting, contact us, or simply call John at 415-555-1234.



"Caucho's large existing customer base for our Resin application server had been interested in product training for some time. ACME Training helped us craft and deliver a course on Resin quickly and efficiently. Their experience in handling logistics, registration, customer support, and facilities made the first course successful immediately. We booked a full class rating 4.0 out of 5 (4=Great, 5=Excellent). We're now moving forward with ACME Training on a training schedule for all of 2009."

Emil Ong
Chief Evangelist
Caucho Technology, Inc.