Training Testimonials

Training Testimonials

Over the past decade, we have trained hundreds of world-class developers who are changing the face of the global Internet economy. Here is what some of them had to say:

Course: Apache Tomcat Administration | Organization: Autoliv Inc.

One of the best classes I have ever had. Will definitely be looking to come back again!

Course: Apache Tomcat Administration | Organization: EDS

[The instructor] came prepared. He was extremely knowledgeable.

Course: PHP and MySQL Bootcamp | Organization: Union Bank of California

After the class I gained a lot of confidence in handling PHP/MySQL projects. Excellent educational experience
- Nick Stoianov

Course: CSS | Organization:

I enjoyed the course. It was interesting and fast-paced enough so I didn't get bored. It was a nice refresher course on some things I've learned before, but I also learned a few new things that will be helpful.

I have been trying to get my mind around CSS and CSS positioning for some time now... My instructor got more into my head today than the last two years of going it alone

Overall - fantastic class!! and great instructor. Very patient.

Great Job! this was really beneficial and i feel like I have a much stronger understanding as to how to organize everything.

Gave a very good understanding of what CSS is. I thought I would not be able to cope-up with it, but the course was of very great help and boosted my confidence! Thanks!

Great presentation and clear direction on the topics.

Course: PHP and MySQL Bootcamp | Organization: Jacor Consulting

I was very impressed with the small classroom feel of the course. The training facilities were top notch, and the smaller class sizes allowed one on one time with the instructor. The course was awesome, the atmosphere was great and the location was perfect. Thanks for the great experience
- Trevor Allen

Course: PHP and MySQL Bootcamp | Organization: Public Class Participants

The course was great. It was exactly what I was looking for. Great course. [The instructor] was helpful. I want to take more courses from ACME Training in the future.

Great class. Instructor well prepared and keeps the pace moving to keep it interesting. Examples easy to follow and labs very informative and timely to the topics covered

Course: Apache Tomcat Administration | Organization: LiveData Group

Great learning experience.

Course: Ajax | Organization: Adobe

This was a great class. OOP explanation was excellent. Not only AJAX but I also learn OOP well thanks

Course: Apache Tomcat Administration | Organization: Unisys

Instructor really knew his stuff. Thanks!

Course: Apache Web Server Administration | Organization: CAS/Severn

Fantastic Knowledge by (The instructor)! Could not have made a better choice for learning Apache. Very Professional accommodating staff! Would recommend highly.

Course: Apache Tomcat Administration | Organization: State of Montana

Great class. Instructor demonstrated a very high knowledge level of the subject being taught. Would recommend to others.

The instructor was very knowledgeable and presented the material in a way for all levels of students to understand. Thank you!!

Course: Apache Tomcat Administration | Organization: EBSCO Publishing

Instructor was very good in explanation and very helpful in solving the problems for students

Hands on labs were excellent! The instructor was able to help analyze the performance of an application we had just developed, and pointed us to some excellent utilities to take the analysis further."

Course: POJOs with Spring Hibernate and Acegi Security | Organization: Dayspring Technologies

I would recommend this course for all those just getting started with and using POJOs/Spring/Hibernate. [The instructor] is an excellent instructor with his knowledge of the topic and years of experience. I was impressed with his sincere desire to help us with our specific issues here at Dayspring.

[The instructor] was extremely knowledgeable in the subject matter of the course and was able to answer every question asked of him. He was well prepared and provided a thorough and well-planned sample project for the labs. In addition, he was very flexible and willing to discuss how course topics applied to my company's projects and processes. These ad hoc discussions were quite helpful and much appreciated. [the instructor's] preparation, knowledge and flexibility made the class a great success. A+!

Course: Apache Tomcat Administration | Organization: TSO

The instructor was very willing and capable in answering questions that weren't explicitly covered in the course material. He used the white board pretty effectively. This was a definite plus!

Course: Java Server Faces | Organization: Wells Fargo

[The instructor] was very helpful and patient and covered quite a bit of material in a shortened timeframe at our request. While I may not firmly grasp everything we covered, especially toward the end of the class, I feel very prepared to start coding on the job and am anxious to use JSF.

Course: Apache Web Server Administration | Organization: MBARI

[The instructor] was amazing - very knowledgeable, personable, professional. An outstanding instructor! I recommend him highly! Thank you for an excellent training!

Course: Apache Tomcat Administration | Organization: Stanford University

A wonderful course that applies to my work!

Course: Java Server Faces | Organization: Siemens Canada

Thank you. Great course and great instructor !

Course: J2EE on JBoss | Organization: RSA, The Security Division of EMC

Having had no prior knowledge of the J2EE spec, app servers, etc.; I found the course to be very enlightening.

Knowledge and experience and presentation skills were excellent.

The course was great! However, the pace could have been slower. But I don't blame the instructor for this as the amount of material to cover was enormous... The Instructor was simply brilliant covering everything and some more in the given time.

Ideal course for a jumpstart to J2EE for experienced Java Developers... ACME Training helped us get started on J2EE development in under 5 days!

Course: Advanced Java | Organization: CSC

The instructor conducted himself in a professional manor and was obviously skilled in the field. He scaled the scope of the course relative to the skill level of our group. And answered all of our (many) questions.